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kingsport locksmith is a full-service residential locksmithing company. Just moved into a new residence, We can re-key your locks providing you the security of knowing that noone else has the keys to your new home


When you are looking for commercial locksmith service, we are your source for all types of locks, door hardware, and security solutions. We specialize in commercial work, and can develop solutions to whatever your needs are.

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Commercial locksmith Services Kingsport TN

When you are looking for commercial locksmith service, we are your source for all types of locks, door hardware, and security solutions. We specialize in commercial work, and can develop solutions to whatever your needs are. Whether its electronic, mechanical, combination, card or digital keypad reader, magnetic or proximity scanners – we will work with you to create the system that is ideal for your application, and at the best possible price. Please look through the following pages for more information on our commercial and industrial services.


We offer a complete line of grade 2 (commercial) and grade 1 (industrial) locksets in knob and lever designs. We can supply both cylindrical locks (using the 2 1/8” round door prep.) or full mortise locksets using the 4X6” edge cutout. 

We can furnish locks matched to your existing system, so that they may be keyed or masterkeyed with your current locks. 

We also carry the full line of American padlocks, made of solid stainless steel for long use. These locks can be masterkeyed and rekeyed when needed. These locks will provide years of solid service and offer flexibility of use.

Door Closers

We can provide and install a full range of door closer hardware, and can usually match your current hardware. Closers come in a range of sizes and colors to suit heave or light doors and interior or exterior conditions. We even can provide “handicap” style closers, which open with very little effort.

Panic Hardware

We carry and install all major brands of exit devices (panic bars) and fire safety devices. These are available in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, chrome, dark bronze and other specialty colors. We also can provide integrated alarms which will sound when someone uses the bar, and even time delay bars which sound the alarm for 15 seconds before unlocking the door.

Door Alarms

We have door alarms which are integrated into panic hardware, and also stand-alone devices that will sound whenever the door is opened. Options include keyed on/off, an annunciator beep to let you know when the door is opened, even when the alarm is in the off position, and continuous alarm mode, or an automatic shutdown after 2 minutes.

Key Control

We recognize that half of security is key control. When you know who has your keys, and know that they cannot be duplicated without authorization, you have a better handle on your security. We carry Medeco© locks for the very highest security. Medeco© locks are the standard for pick resistance, resistance to physical attack, and high quality. We also have a range of key cabinets and key control software to help you organize you keys, and to track who has access to what parts of your business.

Keyless Entry

sing Unican© locks from Kaba-Ilco, we can give you pushbutton access to areas of your business. Combinations can be changed easily by your staff when needed, and various options include key override, lockout mode, passage mode (to leave the door open during the day for example.

We have both mechanical combination locks and electronic, battery operated units which will accept up to 18 different combinations, under 3 different manager control codes. Thus you can eliminate one user when necessary without changing everyone’s combinations.

In addition to combination, keypad locks, we also can provide card reader locks, proximity reader locks ( which only require you to hold a card within a foot of the reader) and even thumbprint, palmprint or retinal scan equipment.

Access Control

Access control is the art of allowing people where they need to be, and keeping them out of where they don’t need to be. Using electric strikes to unlock standard locksets, keypads, or various types of scanners to activate them, or using combination locks with audit trail capability, you can customize to your own needs. We specialize in the small system where you need to control a few doors, and don’t want to invest in a large, computer controlled system.


By creating a custom masterkey system for your business, we can give you control of who enters where, and at the same time, cut down on the number of keys you need to carry. For example, you may have a grand master key that controls nearly every lock in your facilty, and office master that opens all the office areas, a plant master that opens all the production areas, and an HR master that will secure all personnel records. In addition each door would have it’s own keys for the users of that specific area, or some groups of rooms could be keyed alike to make it easy for common users to access the areas they need to.

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes allow remote unlocking of nearly any door. You’re probably familiar with doors where people can “buzz” you in. By creating or converting your system to DC we can eliminate that loud “buzz” and replace it with a quiet “click” 

We can also create wireless remote systems where hardwired release buttons are not suitable